Sr Sylvia Williams RSM

Sister Sylvia returned from Ireland in December 2015 on the completion of just over six years as Assistant Director, responsible for the Administration & Finance at the Mercy International Centre, Baggot Street, Dublin.

Sister Sylvia has over thirty years of Principal experience in Catholic education, Victoria and has held Principal positions at Catholic Regional College, St Albans, St Mary’s College, Seymour, Catholic College Bendigo and St Joseph’s College, Mildura. Prior to these positions she taught in Camperdown, Kangaroo Flat and Seymour and was a founding staff member at Mercy Regional College, Noorat Campus. Sister Sylvia was also a Board Member of Mercy Secondary Education Inc (MSEI).

Sylvia is very pleased to again have the opportunity to be involved in Mercy Education in Australia and commenced her role as Board Director in May 2016. 

Sylvia was appointed Chair of the Board in June 2018.