Deputy Principal Appraisal: Self Reflection Report

The purpose of the self-reflection report is to describe your perceptions of your past performance in relation to the role description. You are asked to reflect on how your work is going in each of the major areas, highlighting your strengths and relationships, noting challenges encountered and expressing your vision for the next few years.

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Mercy Education Limited - 2011/12 Annual Report

2012 has seen a significant change in the role and administration of Mercy Education. Until November of last year, Mercy Education was known as MSEI and conducted its business under State Legislation. However, the Mercy Sisters requested the Board undertake Governance responsibilities beyond Victoria, once the amalgamation across Australia and PNG had taken place.

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Mercy Education Limited - 2012 Annual Report

Reflecting on the year just completed has underlined again for me the multiple challenges faced by Mercy Education in 2012 as well the willingness and efficiency of all involved in meeting those challenges to ensure that Mercy Education continues to be a viable, relevant and vibrant entity.

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Mercy Secondary Education Inc - 1999 Annual Report

I am pleased to present this second annual report of Mercy Secondary Education Inc which has been brought forward in 1999 to coincide with the school year instead of the financial which concludes each June.

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