Who is Mercy Education?

Our Vision

Our Vision

The Sisters of Mercy see education as a major form of responsibility which flows out of their particular vocation in the Church as sharing in the mission of mercy of Jesus Christ who came to reveal to all people the steadfast merciful love of God for them.

In particular, the Sisters of Mercy and those who work alongside them, are called to make known this merciful love of God through an apostolic service to those in need.

Catherine challenges us to mercy
through her teaching and her action.
Mercy, she teaches us, is the principal path
marked out by Jesus for those who desire to follow him [OR8].
She imitated him in serving the afflicted,
through the corporal and spiritual works of mercy;
and she engaged in the particular ministries of
teaching, care of the sick, and offering refuge for women and children at risk of exploitation and homelessness. We continue these works as needed
but, knowing that God's promise of mercy
is to poor people of every age [Lk 1:50-54]

Mercy Constitutions, 2011,

As a community of believers, each Mercy school strives to proclaim the message of Jesus through the distinctive spirituality of the Sisters of Mercy. This spirituality is marked by faith in Jesus Christ, commitment to the primacy of love, an understanding of the world informed by faith and the celebration of the Eucharist in union with the poor and suffering. It is also marked by a devotion to Mary, Mother of God and Mother of Mercy, a trust in God’s loving providence, a respect for the dignity of the human person and a strong sense of social justice.

Each Mercy school strives to reflect in its structures, curriculum and practices and in the quality of the relationships within it, the particular spirit of mercy which Jesus lived and taught. Each school endeavours to reflect its commitment to these values by expressing its unity and solidarity with the poor, the unemployed, the distressed and the marginalised through its service to the community. Through their faithfulness to the spirit of Catherine McAuley’s vision, Mercy schools work to provide a Catholic Education which enables the formation of the whole person imbued with those values which Catherine exemplified.

Our Mission

Mercy Education is entrusted by Mercy Ministry Companions (MMC) to provide governance for its member colleges. It also supports a broad range of Colleges to offer excellence in contemporary education in a safe, inclusive and supportive environment, enriched by the Gospels and faithful to the legacy of Catherine McAuley.

Our Vision

Mercy Education supports a dynamic network of Catholic Colleges united by

  • a commitment to the Gospel of Jesus
  • fidelity to the tradition and spirit of Mercy and the mission of Catherine McAuley
  • the provision of innovative, stimulating and inclusive educational programs
  • a passion for social justice