Who is Mercy Education?

Our Governance


Mercy Ministry Companions (MMC) is the public juridical person of pontifical right approved by the Holy See by Decree on 24 September 2021. It was established under the Code of Canon Law (Can. 117) of the Catholic Church and is responsible for ensuring, as faithfully as Catherine McAuley and her sisters, that the Catholic identity, charism and spirituality of fully sponsored schools previously under the stewardship of the Institute of Sisters of Mercy of Australia and Papua New Guinea (ISMAPNG), thrive into the future.

MMC delegates the responsibility of the thirteen fully sponsored schools’ governance to Mercy Education Limited. There are nine fully sponsored schools in Victoria, three in Western Australia and one in South Australia.

In addition, Mercy Education Limited supports the works and promotes the Mercy ethos in the nineteen Mercy affiliated schools across Australia.

The governance role of the Board of Mercy Education is confined to the thirteen sponsored schools and sets policies, appoints Principals, approves senior leadership positions and fulfils due diligence in the area of finance and audit management, capital development, risk management and litigation.

Member of the Company

Mercy Ministry Companions Limited is the Member of Mercy Education Limited.

Trustee Directors of Mercy Ministry Companions

Commencing on 3 December 2021, the Trustee Directors were installed by the Institute Leadership Team of ISMAPNG as the canonical authority for Mercy Education Ltd. The Trustee Directors also comprise the Board Directors of Mercy Ministry Companions Limited (MMCL), the civil body of Mercy Ministry Companions.

Institute Leadership Council and Trustee Directors

In transferring the incorporated Education, Health and Community Service ministries to Mercy Ministry Companions, the Institute Leadership Council and the Institute has entrusted lay canonical leaders (the Trustee Directors) with this Mercy heritage and empowered them to develop new expressions of the “gift of mercy”. In the new era of Mercy Ministry Companions, canonical stewards, board directors, executives and management continue to embody the compassion, hospitality, integrity, care, justice, practicality and service which characterise contemporary channels of Mercy.

Mercy Ministry Companions, like other ministerial public juridic persons, has the mission of taking works of the Church purposefully into the future. There are key roles in relation to realising this mission while ensuring that Mercy Ministry Companions meets the requirements of canonical and civil governance. Each of these roles is integral to continuing the mission of Mercy in contemporary Australia and together they indicate the co-responsibility of staff, executives, board directors and Trustee Directors for the mission of Mercy Ministry Companions. (MMC Governance Charter)

“The tradition of our institute is to combine decentralisation in government with a deep and personal concern for unity of spirit. Catherine McAuley found that local needs are best met by local resources. By her continuing warm support of all foundations, however she also fostered unity, and encouraged all to a wide vision of building the kingdom wherever they were called by the Church. This two fold Mercy tradition is reflected in our administration which seeks to place decision-making at the appropriate place.”
Constitution of the Institute of the Sisters of Mercy 2012, Clause 6.03

Mercy Education Charter

Catherine McAuley wanted first and foremost for her schools to live and to teach the Good News revealed in Jesus Christ. We will use the Mercy Education school Charter to remind us of our commitment to Catherine’s vision and as a lens through which to embrace the Gospel message, to inspire our school to strive for excellence in learning and achieve student success.